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Step 1: Fulfillment Assessment

Step 1: You will begin by assessing each life element and self-grading on a scale from “Miserable” to “FLI”. It’s time to get real with yourself! How fulfilled are you in each of the 10 essential life elements? An example: “FLI” level spirituality could mean you are living each day in complete peace – full of self love, compassion, and empathy; void of judgement, fear, and doubt. “Miserable” level spirituality may be that life feels full of doom and gloom – you are lacking gratitude, confidence and love for yourself; you are judgemental and unhappy. Let’s dive in…


This should be a list of the 10 essential elements with a slider that has 10 levels for them to rate themselves. The descriptor on the left side, which would be the lowest level, would be “Miserable” and the descriptor on the right side, which would be the highest level, would be “FLI.”

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