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Our Mission: We fuel inspiration to find true life Fulfillment, through Liberation of social norms and living each moment with Intention!

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Broch Lassig

My passion behind creating FLI Life began many years ago. I have always dreamt of creating something bigger than myself. As I became more aware of the power we have within us to truly create anything we want in life, through my own research, cognizance and practice, a burning desire to help others realize this same reality took over.

I started dreaming up a plan to help the masses discover what is possible and escape the social norms our culture has instilled. This is a grand plan–a plan that I believe has the power to change our Nation or even the world, by replacing the seemingly inescapable pessimism and victimized mindset with one of hope, passion and empowerment.

I was (and admittedly still am) unsure on how to find the time, connections and resources to kick my plan into gear. It will take resources far beyond my current resources, and will likely take time beyond my lifetime, but I believe that setting the wheels in motion can and will make an everlasting improvement on our society.

Through my own journey, alongside my dreams of designing my master plan, I became lost in the minutia of life. I thought I was in control and designing my purpose-filled life, which in some ways I did—by starting a life with my beautiful bride, setting our roots and beginning our family.

However, unknowingly I was actually succumbing to the same social norms I have spent years dreaming of a plan to help others reject. As I look back now, I was racing through life blindly acquiring “things” that I considered my evidence of success and fulfillment, for reasons I can only now relate to as proving something I didn’t have to prove.

After some major soul searching over a five year period or so, I hit a realization that I have been moving through life on someone else’s, anyone else’s plan. As I considered my new realization I continued to realize how unpurposeful much of my “accomplishments” were. I spent my valuable time and hard earned money on doing and acquiring things that at the time seemed to be the logical stepping stones of evidencing my “success.”

I have now realigned my compass and am working toward discovering and accomplishing what I see as actual success and fulfillment, which can, is and will be different for everybody.

Becoming more aware and more curious of my new realizations, I began discussing this openly with my friends and family, and quickly found out that I am not alone!! I was re-introduced to some unsuspecting peers who were going through the exact same realization, and shared a similar passion of helping the world become a better place. We met up, we shared our visions and FLI Life was born!

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