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Begin your fli life journey

Are you ready to self-discover things about yourself that you never knew existed? We are happy you are here and hope this introspective experience helps you on your journey.


    Step 1: Please enter your information so we can send you your Esse Tree.



    Step 2: Self Awareness Assessment
    You will begin by assessing each life element and self-grading on a scale from "Miserable" to "FLI". It's time to get real with yourself! How fulfilled are you in each of the 10 essential life elements? An example: "FLI" level spirituality could mean you are living each day in complete peace - full of self love, compassion, and empathy; void of judgement, fear, and doubt. "Miserable" level spirituality may be that life feels full of doom and gloom - you are lacking gratitude, confidence and love for yourself; you are judgemental and unhappy. Let's dive in...


    This should be a list of the 10 essential elements with a slider that has 10 levels for them to rate themselves. The descriptor on the left side, which would be the lowest level, would be "Miserable" and the descriptor on the right side, which would be the highest level, would be "FLI."












    Step 3: Let's Dig Deeper


    Ok - you did it! Now, let's take a deeper dive into each of these elements! We want you to dig deep here and identify the biggest limitation in your belief system, your current environment, or your behavior that may be holding you back from living your FLI Life in each element. Simply put - what do you need to liberate yourself from, to begin making forward progress?
    Lock the sliders into the score they selected in each element, then put a text box below with room to type their limiting beliefs.


    Step 4: Let's Get Clear!


    Phew... glad that is over, aren't you? Now you have clarity on what is holding you back from your FLI Life. Time to take some real action! Your next step is to set your intention to elevate each essential element, starting today! What shift can you make in your behavior/habits that will allow you to liberate yourself from the limiting belief systems and attain your FLI Life? These intentions should be clear, concise, and measurable - something you can add to your calendar or otherwise anchor in your life, so you stay consistent on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. It must be consistent!
    Slide bars & limiting belief text boxes should be locked now, and another text box in each element should be opened up to type in their newly identified Intentions they will implement into their lives, getting them closer to true fulfillment.


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