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FLI Life

What Does Living the FLI LIFE™ Mean to Us?

FLI stands for Fulfillment, Liberation & Intention, the way life was intended to be experienced.⁣

We believe in living a life of balance and having a healthy mind, body, and soul. We believe in a world where people are given the resources and the opportunities they need to feel alive, whole, connected and deeply connected to the beauty that is life.⁣

We believe in the power of self-improvement, play, mindfulness, spontaneity, self-expression, creativity, community, authenticity and vulnerability. ⁣

We are more globally connected than ever before, yet we have never been more disconnected as a society. We believe that technologies should serve as nothing more than tools of efficiency that results in us having more time to celebrate life, more time connecting with each other, instead of distracting or disrupting us. We value a growth mindset, nature and the great outdoors, laughter, true connection, eye-contact, and community experiences. ⁣

Life is short enough and we should be sharing our moments with the people all around us. It’s about creating a new code of ethics and etiquette where people and nature come first, amongst everything else.⁣

We believe that it’s time to ask really big questions of the things we’ve taken for granted. To work really hard to remind ourselves of the simple things we’ve forgotten. And to take a big deep breath, pause and remember that we are all in this together. So that someday, our grandchildren will look back on the choices we’ve made and say thank you.

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