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Our Mission: We fuel inspiration to find true life Fulfillment, through Liberation of social norms and living each moment with Intention!

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What is FLI LIFE™?

FLI – Fulfillment. Liberation. Intention. Life is a journey of limitless possibilities and should not be stunted by societies status quo, restricting most from accomplishing true life fulfillment. Imagine a world where we are aware of our full potential; feeling alive, whole, and deeply connected to the beauty that is life.⁣ FLI LIFE ™ empowers you to create your life by design – a life of joy, mindfulness, spontaneity, self-expression, creativity, authenticity, and vulnerability. ⁣Life is short and we should seize every moment with absolute presence, sharing our uniqueness with those around us.

It is time to ask big questions of the things we’ve taken for granted. To remind ourselves of the simple things we’ve forgotten. To take a big deep breath, pause, and remember that we are all in this together, so that someday the world will look back on the choices we’ve made and say “thank you.““


We have the power within us to create anything we want in life. We can harness this power to achieve true peace and wholeness, or ignore this power and live according to someone else’s plan. Realign your compass and discover what lasting success and satisfaction means to you.


The Social Wedge

“We are more globally connected than ever before, yet we have never been more disconnected as a society. Technology should serve as nothing more than tools of efficiency that results in us having more time to celebrate life and connecting with each other, instead of mindlessly absorbing our valuable time.

It’s time to escape the adrenaline rush and artificial connection that social media/technology imposes on us. Give rise to intentional control of your time and enhance the essence of each moment.”


We are constantly influenced by the pressures our society creates. The life we “lead” is often dictated by our bosses, partners, children, clients, and even our role models, instead of our own desires! We end up living a life that happened to us, rather than a life by design. It’s time we reclaim our lives and free ourselves from this cycle.


It’s about taking off the lense that our social media world places over our eyes. It’s time to take off this lense and begin creating a world you can impact. Taking the time to uncloud your world pays back in dividends.


You currently have a stronger relationship with your smart device and your virtual friends than you do with people all around you. Is this statement true in your life? It may be hard to look introspectively and realize this is your life.


There will be plenty of money that will come and go in your lives. There will be plenty of opportunities to catch up with those on your social media networks, but you can’t create more time.


When we take the time to improve ourselves through the stories of others, theories in our fields of expertise, self-help books, seminars and on and on, we actually are more driven to pass our insights on to others because of the joy we feel as we grow.


To wander through life aimlessly is no life at all. Often times, we seem to be caught in the rut of the mundane. To live a fully enriched life requires consistent intentional action. Your future depends on you discovering and choosing the best path for yourself NOW.


Beyond Ourselves

We don’t just preach the FLI LIFE™, we are on this journey with you. Inspiration for the FLI LIFE™ movement came from our own achievement of material success, which ultimately left us feeling empty and yearning for more. We began asking, “Is this all life is about?”

Life is more than the money you earn, the things you own, the car you drive, the house you live in, or the number of followers you have online. Life is about becoming a better human, connecting with others, and encouraging others to do the same.

Learn more about us and our passion behind the FLI LIFE™ movement here.




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A Better You Awaits

FLI Life

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